We would like to see a button in LCS that enables us to synchronize the version of the PU shown in LCS versus the actual version installed on the cloud-hosted environment.

Environment X is setup on platform release "PU32 (7.0.5493.35497)", via script you've generated and executed a runbook on the VM that installs platform release "PU33 (7.0.5559.16741)".
LCS still shows PU32, and the available updates are also still based on that PU32 version, while they should only show the available updates starting from PU33.
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I agree that this should work automatically. But just in the spirit of trying to get a working solution right now - I *think* that there are scheduled tasks which are trying to update this, you can drill onto those to see how you can manually trigger the update to LCS yourselves. Look in Task scheduler\Microsoft\Dynamics\AX\Diagnostics

Category: Lifecycle Services