1- Government of India mandates - maternity leave for a female employee to take 182 days of leave in one stretch. Currently the system does not calculates 182 days, we should have a way to mitigate it

2- System/leaves work on employee calendar, where employee will already have leaves in a week - in case of a female employee taking 182 days of leave, ideally it should be if taken from 1st Jan - should end at 30 June, but with the current system's approach it goes up to say upto August.

3- There is a workaround where calendar can be adjusted, but is not feasible when it comes to a strength of 5000 employee.

4- Auto enrollment - We should have a provision - say this employee who prefers to take a maternity leave can only do so post completion of 90 days.

5- An employee gets say 12 casual leaves a year or say 2/month - currently system does not restricts the employee to take only two per month. 

6- Alternatively we should at least have customization options to address these concerns.