we need insight in flight documentation.

Flights are being enabled/disabled when releases are done.

Till now, we had to ask Microsoft several times to disable flights, because they were causing changes in the processes and in the postngs, without any information available. Customers and partners get in trouble, while they are not informed about possible impact.

This is a 'must' for the upcoming releases.




I'm upvoting this because I agree that transparency is needed.

Case, TrackingID# 2208040030002218, I raised when our UAT and Production systems both started encountering errors one day despite us not making any related code/configuration changes in either environment, I eventually narrowed it down to a flight that via the case, I was informed that "...I have received feedback from our engineering team, this flight InventCountCreateUseItemBaseTasksFlight has been disabled in last night as we enable it by mistake in last day for all customers..."

So the flight was unknowingly changed for all customers with no notification of either the initially mistake, nor the resolution.

The problem affected us more that most customers I assume because we had customizations around the area where the flight involved affected functionality, but it's scary that our production environments can be changed without our knowledge, and no way short of going through the support process to learn what was done.

This is not the first time we've had issues related to flights, and had concern over visibility.

When I asked "Is there any way we can find out when these kinds of changes are being made to our environments, to make it easier to identify the probable causes of resulting issues?", the response was that's a current limitation and to submit the request here on the Ideas site, but I figure it's better to vote up this existing one than to create what would essentially be a duplicate.

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Our most recent PU update included a Flight which broke our Enterprise Solution, fully built on the MS Stack (CE, Power Automate, FO) which cause an outage and required immediate and stressful triage and intervention.

This could be easily rectified by having full transparency.

It cannot be that different MS teams are working without that transparency. Why not simply provide that visibility to customers/partners/consultants so that during our Regression Testing we KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR?

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It also undermines the confidence in consultants.

For example when during a demo of project invoices suddenly the postings go towards prepayment accounts instead of sales accounts, because recognistion feature is switched on.

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