In Sales Return order lines, there needs to be a better link to the original Sales order line.

Currently, the link is in the LotID field in the Line details. When clicked, this does in fact take the user to the original Sales order line. However, this is always confusing to the users. For many, "Lot" is another term for Batch. In AX, the LotID has always referred to an inventory transaction. So, it makes sense for long time users. But, it is very confusing to new users.

Either the LotID field should be renamed and display something other than the LotID, or a new field should be added to show the original Sales order #. An alternative would be to add a record in the Related orders listing (General tab in the Sales order) that would link to the original Sales order.
Ideas Administrator

Appreciate you taking the time to feedback. We however do not have any plans to provide this support for SCM Sales and Marketing.