We use the booking system to book Specialized staff (7 different types) into specialized or specific category of room (8 different types). We also have additional resources that can be booked - such as cars, special equipment that may be required..

This is on the Service Activity entity. When trying to set-up a multiple requirement for a type of service, we were able to add the requirement to have a 'specialist' type of user resource, and a 'specialist' type of room. Perfect..

When the activity is created, and we click book, the scheduler view comes up with all the combinations of staff and room - combined into one line, for each potential time..

Person1, Room1

Person1, Room2

Person1, Room5

Person2, Room1

Person2, Room2

Person2, Room5


This is PERFECT! It didn't work properly before, but it seems like it's fixed in that regard.. When you book that combination, then it adds a booking for each resource- ALSO PERFECT! Now I also want to book some special equipment or a car on that same booking, when we click on Book, it shows those same original combinations of staff and room...Not anything else.. What we would like is to be able to ADD other things to the booking. As it is now, if we have the multiple resources are specified, then the scheduler always has just those..

We tried making something Optional as a requirement but that would do ALL variations.. even if they are optional..

Person1, Room1, Car1

Person1, Room2, Car1

Person1, Room5, Car1

Person1, Room1, Car2

Person1, Room2, Car2

Person1, Room5, Car2

Person2, Room1, Car1

Person2, Room2, Car1

Person2, Room5, Car1....

(plus one row for each TIME available -depending on settings..) With all the combinations, it's very slow, and not friendly at all to use. especially if the other options aren't needed..

If we have multiple resources required on a service type, and if the requirements are filled/booked.(I.E. user type and room type) we would like to show the normal scheduler as if there were no requirements.