Some retailers have a minimum threshold of Loyalty Points that are required to redeem for a fixed reward, e.g. redeem 500 points for $10 off. Additional rewards can be redeemed in increments of 500 points, so if customer wants to redeem 1000 points, they can get $20 off or 1500 points for $30 off. This is fairly common scenario when retailers allow fixed $ amount redemption when customer has accrued/reached a points milestones. This can be a configurable flag on the loyalty points redemption line so that user can set it to fixed points redemption or the standard behavior.

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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog.  -Maria Shneerson, Senior Program Manager.



I have a customer that wants this exact scenario and was told by MSFT to raise an idea, so really happy that this has already been raised, and has gained a good level of votes. I have voted, but also wanted to comment that this would really help MSFT get some traction in the loyalty area. Currently, this is a major blocker, along with the inability to earn and redeem on the same transaction on POS.

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