This is the use case scenarios:
- in a general journal, I type a G/L Account in the No. field., after validating I notice the account is wrongly setup. I would like opening the G/L Account card quickly.
- in a sales order line, I type an Item No. and while I am typing I would like opening the selected item card in the dropdown list.
- on a customer card, I would like opening quickly the contact card of the Primary Contact No.

In all these scenarios, I can open the dropdown list, click on Select from full list and then click on Edit to open the card.

It could increase the productivity every where if a link "Open Card" (or whatever the name) would be added side by side with Select from full list.
It would be shown/enabled only if the lookup page has a CardPageId and a record is selected in the drop down list.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of the following suggestion:  


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Seems like a duplicate of https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=4075b3be-5ba8-e811-b96f-0003ff68a2af

Business Central Team (administrator), can you please group move votes to one single Idea entry to get higher prio ;)

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