When activating the credit management checkpoint 'Release to warehouse' for blocking rules, when a sales order line is released to warehouse the total amount of the sales order is checked an not the amount of only the released sales order line(s). When the checkpoint 'Packing slip' is used, only the amount of the sales order line is checked, so both options works different.

Also when you release the sales order line with the 'Release to warehouse' credit hold checkpoint, the total sales order is released for credit hold and not only the sales order line you want to release to warehouse.

The suggested idea is to let the 'Release to warehouse' checkpoint work so that only:

  • the released sales order line values will be checked and not the total sales order value.
  • only the sales order line will be released for credit hold that needs to be released to warehouse and not the total sales order.
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Credit management checkpoints only work with the sales order total. We do not have line item credit checks. This would be a major feature to implement.



Ok, I will accept that it keeps working as it is and will think about another way of working for our customers.

It is strange for me though to read that all credit management checkpoints only works on sales order totals. At our current customer tests we see:

  1. If the value of the sales order line is ok for credit hold but the total value of the sales order is not ok based on the credit hold, the packing slip can be posted for the line which is ok. So there it looks to us that only the value is checked for the packing slip line to post in stead of the total sales order value.
  2. When we change the checkpoint to release to warehouse the same scenario cannot be done, because there we indeed see that always total value of the sales order is checked.

That's why this idea was created, because based on tests we see a different behavior. If you want to receive these outcomes, just let me know.

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I think that however we must take into consideration the fact that some orders must still be shipped in full, so in that case it is the entire order that must pass the check and not the single line, regardless of the setup

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