When transferring an employee ('Change position' resp. 'Request worker reassignment') there should be an option to transfer current employee fixed compensation on to the new position. Scenario: an employee moves from one department into another. As we want this change to be visible in the worker position assignments, a new position is created instead of just changing the department on his current position. But there will be no changes to his compensation. Currently HR must manually go in and create the fixed compensation records again, this time towards the new position. Please create a yes/no slider in 'Change position' as well as in 'Request worker reassignment' that should default to 'No'. But when set to 'Yes', the active fixed compensation records on the employee and the old position should be created on the employee and the new position. Effective+expiration dates equal to the assignment start and end date of the new position assignment.
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without this function it adds a lot more 'admin' to the process. You don't need to change the process as such, just add a tick box to enable continuity of salary from one role to another

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