Add sequence as a sorting criteria for dispatching

Business case: Customer re plan batch orders on daily basis to align with late changes of demand or equipment disturbance.

Issue with current support: Sequence concept is only supported on planned order level


Sequence as sorting code in dispatching from




This is a really great idea.

Keep in mind that the sequence should be related to the resource on the actual production order.

The sequence value as a visible field would be great on the dispatch form and on the production order.

Then the concept is fully integrated.

Br Steffen Daugaard Pedersen




Category: Service Management


The sequencing value is key when doing scheduling with planned orders, so getting the functionality to re-arrange with firmed orders is great if you add manual orders later on or add cleaning items to add cleaning in the capacity plan.

Including it as a sorting in the job scheduling form would also be good. 

A key requirement would be to include it as a field to add as personalization in the all production order grid as well. Showing the values in text is could be ok but showing some kind of "rank" number would be the best.

Category: Service Management