We are all used to performing tens, if not hundreds, of queries a day on search engines whilst browsing on the internet. Nowadays the logic used by these search engines is so advanced, that we are helped to have the best matching results displayed first. The navigation search in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is still very, very unintelligent if you compare it to a search engine. Most of the times the first result is not what you are looking for, except if you query explicitly on the exact name of the page. Sometimes the first result is even a page that you know you aren't using that often, or haven't even used at all, ever. 

And the system knows this. With all the telemetry, of course does it now that you haven't opened a specific page, or that you are opening the all sales orders page multiple times a day. Why wouldn't the navigation search be able to learn from this telemetry. For you specifically, as a user, but you could even imagine this bolder: why wouldn't telemetry allow for more intelligent navigation search across all instances of the solution deployed?

Category: User Experience
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