Within D365 Finance & Operations > User options > Workflow, there is a tick box / slider to enable 'send notifications to Action Centre'. When enabled, this will give you workflow notifications when something is assigned to you to action.

However, this feature does not work for workflow event notifications despite the configuration allowing it to be setup this way. This feature was not implemented by Microsoft.

An example using General ledger journal workflows (using workflow type 'Ledger daily journal workflow').

On the approval workflow element, you can define to send 'Notifications' back to recipients to let them know the status of their journal submissions. E.g. if the workflow action was to 'approve', 'reject', 'request change', 'delegate', you can define notification text to let the workflow originator know the status of their submissions.

These workflow event notifications do not show in the users 'Action Centre'.

Currently no recipients will receive notifications based on workflow events.

This is a useful feature to have working so a user is kept up to date with the status of their workflow submissions and subsequent workflow status.
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This would be hugely helpful for day-to-day operations within the system!

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