With worker actions turned on, when a manager wants to request a compensation change for a selected employee in his team, he is requested to select a current action. This makes absolutely no sense! He should select a current assigned fixed compensation plan - and then, in the 'Requested' column, select which action he would like to request on that plan. There is no information for the manager at all to distinguish if a, in example, merit action in the drop down list of current actions, is related to his base salary compensation plan or to an allowance plan or... If we need that information available to the manager (and we certainly need that!) we need to have designated actions for each fixed compensation plan. Which is absolutely redicolous.

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Thank you for your suggestion.  Current fixed compensation should default with the latest active compensation record. The only exception is if more than one exists for the employee. This ask is to have the plan field added to to the lookup for the "current" compensation selection in Manager Self-Service. 



For crying out loud....
This WAS reported as a bug! #119101821000989
From which I was told this is by design, and that I should raise an idea instead.
Now it's been turned down both places. What should I do from here???

Category: Compensation