The provisions of Sec.40A(3) are attracted only when a payment exceeding Rs. 20,000, at a time is made in a mode other than account-payee cheque/draft. However, where several cash payments made to same party during a day, the limit of Rs. 20,000 is to be applied to the aggregate of cash payments made during the day.
It is possible that a person may make different payments at different times during the day to the same person and the aggregate of the payments during the day to the same party may exceed Rs. 20,000. In such a case also, section 40A(3) is attracted. 10

Please find below link for the literature in page 8 for your reference.
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This is partner implementation feature. It can not be part of application. 
This feature is required for Tax Audit required under Income tax Act. All transaction over 20,000 in cash should get warning. 
We think is partner implementation , however if MS need to provide than total number of vote should exceed at least >25. 



Cash payment restriction is required as per law and should be incorporated in the product.

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