Currently, when using the schedule board and setting up resources, you can select follow business closures. Those business closures are universal, regardless of region and the holidays (example: US has Thanksgiving Day, Canada has Boxing Day). It would be ideal to be able to utilize the following components: Holiday Schedule (under service management) Customer Service Schedule (under service management) On the Bookable Resource entity is a field called Calendar. This is where you can specify the customer service calendar created. The customer service calendar also includes the holiday schedule list. This would allow organizations to setup holidays by country / region, a schedule by country/region and then associate that to resources. When associated with a resource, the resources work hours would populate based on the holiday schedule / customer service schedule linked to it.

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Hi Scott, Thank you for your feedback!

That is a great idea, need more votes to prioritize this ask.


Vinay Nalam,

PM, Microsoft.



Hello everyone,Some of my customers are asking me for this feature as well. Any news? Is it on the roadmap?

Category: Universal Resource Scheduling



Category: Universal Resource Scheduling