This was from a MS support ticket where we were having issues creating a Sandbox and also found out the Production Environment upgrade failed and was not updated. We need notification with as much information as possible what the error was that was causing the failure in the update as soon as possible from the attempt.

MS Response from the ticket:
"The notification service only runs once every couple of weeks. Probably the broken extension was uploaded after the last run of the service and that would be the reason of why you were not notified, as far as I know.
We understand that it would be good to know the reason of why it was failing (in this case the extension issue), and taking this into account we think it is a good idea that should be implemented on the application. Which is why, we suggest you post this as an idea in the link attached below, like this, when our DevOps team see it, they take in consideration your idea."
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Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! This is actually a feature that we are working on completing now, and you will be able to see with our October update. If the cause of an update failure is something we can detect automatically, then we'll send an immediate, automated notification to tenant administrators with steps on how to resolve the issue. For example, if the cause was an incompatible extension, the notification will describe which extension is not compatible with the update, and what changes need to be made to the extension.

Note that the notifications are sent only to those listed as notification recipients in the Business Central Admin Center, so make sure you have the correct recipients updated in the list.


The Dynamics 365 Business Central Team