This remarks are about https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/retail/dom 1) DOM is a function which is needed in Retail, but also for Brand Owners. Brand Owners have to allocate their Wholesale stock to both Retail and Wholesale customers. Therefore it would be very helpful if sales orders for DOM are not restricted to Retail Channel and can be used for all sales orders (Including wholesale). 2) In Order to Ring fence orders for specific customer groups it would be very useful to add a new customer related group as a common attribute to the different rules, in order to run DOM also for specific customer groups. 3) The explanation of the Partial Orders Rule is not clear and should be improved! I Assume the Fulfill partial orders explanation is not completely right.

Under Review
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Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.   Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager