As we all know that SSRS reports are not ideal for generating reports having huge data. Functionalities like Inventory Aging Report Storage and Inventory Value storage are evident in the fact that Microsoft is actively working on replacing the huge data reports with alternative means.

Considering the customer data most clients have specifically clients involved in the sales and distribution business, we would like Microsoft to replace the Customer Aging report with Customer Aging Storage as well. So the data can be easily exported into excel using a Data management entity.

Currently, we cannot use SSRS report of customer aging because it gets timed out or takes significant time generating and rendering into excel. Furthermore, most customers would like the data in simple tabular form rather than the current customer aging report that provides subtotals, etc.

Customer Aging snapshot is a good functionality that's been here since AX2012 but it lacks the transaction level detail. It only provides the Customer level aging snapshot.
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