When updates are pushed to Dynamics 365 Online instances, they are pushed at the same time in both Production and non-production instances. That means that if their is a bug in the update, we get hit with the problem directly in the production environments with all the issues that stems from such situations.

I would be a better practice to push those updates in non-production environments, so they could be tested /validated and that a delay (a week for example) be given for those tests. After the updates could be pushed to production environments. This would alleviate situation like the one that just happen this week where an update caused error message when we tried to saved new Cases. This was fix by a another update in a matters of days but was still causing us issues. If the update had been pushed in the Sandbox first (and we get properly notified) we could have signaled the issue to Microsoft immediately, the fix would have been applied and then the update pushed in the production environment would have been corrected and we would not have had the issue.

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