Description of problem:
As per the GST law company can avail credit for the taxes paid on expenses for categories like Hotel, cabs, flights, etc.
There is no provision in the expense report to capture GST information when the expenses are recorded. To use the input taxes as credit it should be recorded first in the system.

Repro steps:
1.Create a new Expense Report(Expense management>My Expenses>Expense Report)
2.Create New Expense line.
3. Fill details for Expense Category.
4. Fill the Amount.
5.Change view to details for Tax details.
Category: Tax
Ideas Administrator

Expense Management module need to integrate with GST so that input credit can be taken on expenditure incurred through Expense managment module. 

Note : This was discussed with DGX leadership team and as per them currently there is no plan to localise other module for any country. 



Yes, this functionality must be incorporated as Input is available on these expense as per GST law/rules and the system should comply the same.

Category: Tax