This idea includes process in both Accounts receivable and Sales and Marketing modules.


When a Deduction transaction is made in Accounts receivable there is no method to match this deduction to a credit on the customer account without using the Settle transactions function on the Customer record.


By allowing the Customer transactions to be seen in the lower screen and allow the Deduction to be matched to the available credit in the Deduction workbench adds incredible value to this functionality and improves the experience for Collection managers.


Please make this option available in your next release.

Thank you,

Stacy Black

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Appreciate you taking the time to submit the product suggestion. We will monitor the votes and other feedback to consider in future backlog.
Lachlan Cash – Principal Program Manager - Microsoft



Great idea Stacy, having to jump to the customer master to settle transactions is very cumbersome.  

Category: Sales and marketing


This is much needed to enhance the deduction workbench so the collection department has one place to deal with the credits and short pays.

Category: Sales and marketing