Create/Edit a new permission (Roles / Duty / Privilege) as a very long and slow job, and requires a higher level of patience, because a greater number of 'entry points'. Because of this, we have feedback from many customers literally give up creating permissions or trying to customize 'Core' Roles, failing to use one of the most powerful tools, which is the granular security offered by Dynamics. A 'guided' mode would be very welcome in this case. Imagine a button, inside the privilege maybe, where when clicking the user is taken to the standard screen of the portal, exactly the same, but with flags in each entry point of the screen (a flag in each button basically), where clicking the user can dial to give permission levels (Read/Update/Create/Delete) or take no access to the resource. It would be extremely intuitive and fast for the user (mainly the customer) to create permissions, and define which features are actually being freed / blocked.
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