Like the vendor invoice policies, the project timesheet policy should have the option to apply different policies to different scenario’s. For example, if a project resource is associated to a default calendar of 20-hour, this resource doesn’t have to comply with the company project timesheet policy which is 40-hours but rather has to comply with the 20-hour project timesheet policy. The policy can then ensure that every resource can only submit the timesheet if their timesheet includes the number of hours prescribed by their calendar.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! This has been added to our roadmap and will be considered for a future release.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting 




Hi, we are really having problems as we are working with a lot of different calendars in one Legal Entity and therefore can't use the policy rule as it is not tailored to the resources calendar but only 1 calendar. Can we get an update to the status of this one, please?
Thank you!

Category: Project management