Add a new work order system status of 'Closed-Non-Billable' so that Work Orders that do go ahead but do NOT need to have an invoice generated can be closed out. At the moment the only option is to create a sub-status that links to the 'Closed - Canceled' system status which is misleading if the Work Order did actually go ahead. This status could also be used to close out Work Orders generated via Agreement as they are usually invoiced separately through the Agreement Invoice Setup anyway.

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Thank you for your feedback.

I think a way to indicate that an invoice should not be generated in certain circumstances is an interesting idea.If we were to implement a way to ensure Invoices are not generated in certain circumstances, we would not likely do it with a new System Status but it is still an idea worth consideration.

In the meantime, there are likely many ways to handle this from complex to simple. One workaround is to ensure that WOs generated from Agreements get an entitlement or pricelist applied that will drive the invoice that does get generated to $0.

If this concept gets more votes, we'll give it more consideration.

Jason Cohen
PM, Microsoft



We have several situations where we do not need to create an invoice on a workorder, so this would be highly requested, and would be a good added finctionality.

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Service calls that are business intended to yield Zero dollar invoices may or may not have parts and labor.
Invoicing of zero dollar Service Call invoices that do not contain parts or labor, that do not impact financial costs and hit GL accounts, create non valued workflow for no business value.
In addition, appear the authorized MS GP Sales tax program can create invoicing errors when the data does not included a parts or labor line.
1) Looking for resolution to the invoicing error associated with Sales tax.
2) Looking to avoid Invoicing such Call Types (Zero dollars, no parts, no labor)...use Periodic Tools>Service Call Management>Move to History instead of invoicing.

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