When a user selects a Procurement category in a Purchase requisition line and needs to select a Delivery address, the address drop-down should present all of the Requester Employee's available delivery addresses.

The Purchase requisition line only shows the Employee's (Requester's) primary delivery address. Even if other delivery addresses have been added to the Employee's record (both selected from the Legal entity and added manually), these other addresses do not show up in the Delivery address drop-down field in the Purchase requisition lines.

It is always possible to click on the Other address icon, change the address selection to "Requester", and see all of the Requester's available delivery addresses. However, the average Requisitioner should NOT have access to other addresses from other party records (i.e. Customer, Vendor, etc). The other addresses icon is often removed from most employees through security.

Therefore, it is essential to have the proper available delivery addresses visible in the Delivery address field in Requisition lines.