In accounts receivable there is a parameter "Picking route status" is set to "complete" it will perform the pick as part of the "Generate picking list" function.

A function is required on the picking list form in production orders to perform the same functionality.

E.g. I have 70 lines on the production order and I do not want to pick each line separately.

The business requires that all items are configured with an item model group where "picking requirement" is ticked. 

Exceptions in the process will be handled by un-picking a line.

The suggestion will improve productivity.

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Unfortunatly, we wont be able to add advanced picking functionality for non WHS Enabled warehouses, we are focusing to improve the experience for the integrated scenarios and simplify the configuration of WHS Warehouses. You are welcome to add suggestions on how to improve that scenario, so hopefully your "manual warehouse" scenario would be obsolete.  


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft 



Hi Uwe, wouldn't consumption at production order start do this for you? This will generate and post the pick list for you. Alternatively, you could use an advanced warehousing warehouse, auto generate waves/process/release at production order release,  and complete the work through the client. This wil have the added advantage of allowing you to build in more advanced picking rules if you need them.

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Hi Johan,

Here are the answers to your question:

- The products are stored in different locations. A product can be stored in more than one location at the time.

- Similar when 'generating picking list' the system will determine where each product can be picked from and a report for the worker can be printed. At this time the pick operation will be processed. Only exceptions where the products can not be found at the location are managed in the system.

- We are using items that are enabled for advanced warehousing. The warehouse itself is configured for 'basic inventory'.  

We don't require any new strategy for item handling / reservation etc.. Just a function that performs the pick automatically for all lines without going to each line and update it individually for items where 'picking requirement' is enabled in the item model group. An automatic function for a process that can already be performed manually in the system.  This process will improve productivity.

Hope this helps.


Uwe Schlagmueller

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I agree that this would be useful functionality

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