Under Sales ledger -> Free text invoices, users can select Print -> Range, under which they have the option to select 'from' and 'to' customer account and 'from' and 'to' dates. This is very useful as under 'printer setup', users can select the output format as file - PDF, and export multiple invoices in one go.

On the project invoices screen, the option of printing selected or range is not available at all and users are forced to print/extract invoices in PDF one by one.

Suggestion 1: It would be extremely useful to have the option to print range on the project invoice screen as well, considering that the majority of raised invoices in my customers' businesses are of this kind.

A work-around to get (some of) the project invoices is to go to the 'open customer invoices' screen, which also has the option of printing a specific range. This also has the same 'filters' as the free text invoices screen.

Suggestion 2: Having a filter based on invoice number would be an efficient way of printing open invoices based on source, since they have different sequences (i.e. free text invoices FTIN#, project invoices PRIN#, sales order invoices SINV# etc).

The work around not only ignores closed invoices, but it is not efficient, because when multiple invoices are printed in a ZIP as PDF, the name of the files is what the user fills in the 'name' field with an added the no. sequence at the end (i.e. if user states in printing setup that the name is 'February invoice', all the invoices will come out as: February invoice, February invoice (1), February invoice (2) etc.). The users need to then open each invoice to tell what type and no. each is.

Suggestion 3: When invoices are exported as 'file' - the name should by default be the invoice number (maybe in combination with the customer no).
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