Change Request : Ability to partial pick line quantity and split the order line in MPOS Description of Change : Ability to partial pick line quantity and the order splits into line items with quantities that have been picked with ‘Picked’ status and quantities not picked as ‘Accepted’ status. D365 will send out email notifications to the customer’s primary email address when the unpicked line items are cancelled in MPOS.

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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog. - Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager, Dynamics 365 Commerce



This is also an Issue for us. It is important to make POS user more self-sufficient without requiring support from back office user for an action could happen often. We would like the ability for the user to be able to Unpick /reset fulfillment status to Accepted for a POS customer order before the order has been marked as packed.

• User unable to Edit a POS Customer Order once Mark as Picked in Order Fulfillment process in POS (Confirmed by Microsoft support team as work as design)

Work around provided by Microsoft support team - The POS User will need to contact the back office user to reset the Picked status under the Fulfillment status column by following “Update Line -> Process -> Pick and then go through All Lines Confirm all Picked lines to unpick existing record to reset the Fulfillment status on the sales order line level.

General concern with the back office workaround suggested by the support team (bullet point 2 above) is that a picking error or partially picked scenario could happen fairly often as store inventory will not always be accurate and human error happen and then when this happen it will require coordination between multiple parties and it will break the process flow to go back and forth between two system to do a fairly simple update to the sales order.

Category: Order processing and fulfillment