Omni channel and unified Commerce is more and more common and a requiriement and something that is expected by our product. How the retail transactions are view differs a bit between call center and B&M/Online. Different tables are used for viewing transactions. For call center we have no retail/online transactions form but we have the order with tenderlines on the order. For B&M and online we have the retail transactions with payments etc but on the sales orders we have no payment information. (customer orders). I suggest that this is unified, even if we only have customer orders perhaps a call center transactions should be added so that one common view can be used. For customer sales order in POS or online I suggest that the tender lines are available on the order itself as they are with order completion in call center. Easier to find and view status of payment etc for an order.

October 2019
Ideas Administrator

This is currently in our active development phase.  We expect to have a unified payment model for all retail orders that is used by all retail channels by early 2020.  -Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager