Hi there,

One of the biggest issues I face as a power user is the ability to take Dynamics Data and immediately analyse it due to the Api returning Guids and Drop Down Codes rather than say, and Account Name and the drop down item selected.

If we has an option to return this information, many users would be able to more freely import and use data across the different platforms. To start using many of the other Microsoft Products, we need to re-engineer our data first. This seems counter intuitive, when it already exists.

I have built a data model to retrieve it all in PowerBI - but PowerBI is a tool is less appropriate for ad hoc and list/spreadsheet type reports. (especially given the restricted screen size and minimum font size of 8pt)

With the deprecation of the Outlook v9.1 PLugin, which has removed the 'refresh from Dynamics' button from Excel, I am now forced to use other means to develop ad hoc reports. This is where the problem with the GUIDS etc. comes in.

I believe there will be a significant number of companies that are using Dynamic Worksheets to easily access Dynamics 365 Data that will also have this issue.