Case management functionality was used when we defined Disciplinary or Grievances when HR is part of D365FinOps. But in Talent, this feature is partially available and is not user friendly. Either complete case management functionality should be enabled or a better functionality should be introduced to handle the incidents.

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The case functionality in D365FO is much more robust than Talent.
It would be incredibly helpful to have more of the functionality added for HR departments to be able to track incidents that happen within an organization.

Additional features that would also help are:
-The ability to create custom category types. At the moment we only have General, FMLA, and Human resources. D365FO has more available, but the user should be able to create their own for the organization. This would also improve the Case category type security functionality
-Possibly have Case category type security extended to the case categories also. If custom case category types cannot be added, being able to apply security by case categories in the hierarchy would be very helpful. There could be 3 case categories under the Human resources type, but the security would need to be different between them because they are managed by different groups.

Category: Policies and Grievances