with the new functionality; (Preview) Register material consumption on the production floor execution interface (WMS-enabled) you can move, from the storage locations to the resource location, more quantity than requested in the BOM (for example a full pallet) and you can consume more quantity. But if you need more quantity than the quantity already moved and you want to request a new picking movement from the raw material warehouse, it is not possible right now


The idea would be created the capability in the production floor execution interface to reserve quantity from raw material locations in order to request a picking work from that location to production location.


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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft 



This came up VERY early in our implementation project for our manufacturing facilities. Our Distribution Centers were used to the idea of replenishments and we even extended the system to allow the users to "call" (actually trigger replenishment template) dynamically for a fixed location.

This does not apply to the input locations (we are not using fixed locations for input locations except for a few exceptions). Our production lines utilize input locations that are set on the route of the formula as location resources. So the inventory is brought to the respective input (consumption) location when the production batch order is released. All work needed for each item is created for the production line so we are forced to rely on open work lists and operators to selectively go get specific items from inventory as the see the lines are getting low. This is passable, but a solution where work is created dynamically to bring forward raw materials would be my first choice. I think it is a better system if the only open work is work that needs to be completed versus open work that is not yet necessary and relies on a user to execute at the correct timing.

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