In some cases it would be ideal if personalization would not be shared across companies in the same environment. This would particular helpful in cases where there are different types of companies e.q. a consolidation and trading companies. As the personalizations of the trading companies could be different for the consolidaiton company.

An option to disable the sharing of personalizations per user per company would be ideal. Would be happy to hear you thoughts about this.
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Thank you for your feedback and for clearly describing the problem.

We understand the problem and suggested solution. However, by making personalization more granular (scoped per-company), would make personalization more complex to manage, maintain, troubleshoot and evolve over time, even if this feature is only available for specific users and specific situations.  Adding another dimension to how personalization works would be unsustainable.

For that reason, we are not considering the suggestion at this time.

As a workaround, we suggest creating a specific profile (role) designed for working in a category of companies, such as consolidation. This profile could include unique page customizations relevant for working in that role, and could also disable personalization so that the user's personalization as used in other companies is excluded. The drawback of course is that users would need to switch profile when switching to such a company, but this can also be mitigated by adding to your browser favourites a carefully crafted link to Business Central that includes the specific company and profile.
Learn more about Managing profiles

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Mike Borg Cardona
Program Manager, Microsoft