When you manually schedule several bookings, it should still be possible to calculate the travel time. You should have a right-click option on the booking (in the schedule board) which calculates the travel time from the preceeding booking, or the Resource start location if this is the 1st booking for the day. The system should then ask whether the booking should be moved so there is no gap between the prior booking and start of travel for the current booking. Alternatively, the second action could also be a separate right-click option.  

The option to re-calculate travel times for all bookings for that day for a specific resource in one operation should also be available, Similarly it should be possible to abut all bookings for the day for that resource. This could be achieved by right-click actions on the white space or anywhere on the board for that day and resource.

The above applies to the hours view.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We released this feature as part of the functionality in Travel Time Updates. This feature should be available for use in the Field Service Unified Interface application V8.6.*



Vinay Nalam,

PM, Microsoft.