Currently the list is very unhelpful, it shows full name, email1, phone, Account name, and crmrecordid (quite possible the most useless field ever displayed anywhere as we can't use it for anything at all in the real world). The list is not even sorted alphabetically. Clicking on most of the columns does nothing EXCEPT this last one which allows us to sort on it but why would we ever want to. We need to be able to display whatever view of members we want from a normal configuable view with the normal sorting features of the rest of D365 or this list is basically useless.

Category: Segmentation
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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Christian Abeln, PM,




I think this is the same as this one -> https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=04fe23ae-f769-e811-9cca-0003ff68b7da

Category: Segmentation