related to KB number 4618967, support case 2109130040005911:
Customer invoice Print management (PM) conditions work seamlessly for SSRS reports and work partially for ER formats. With SSRS reports PM conditions trigger correct report on both View>Use_print_management and View>Original_preview user selection. Same PM conditions behave differently with ER Formats: View>Use_print_management works correctly triggering correct ER format while View>Original_preview does not triggering instead a ER format defined under 1st PM condition. Please fix Print management conditions logic when ER report specified.
The issue is verifiable as follows:
* Print management setup > Module - accounts receivable > Customer invoice
* Unselect "DEFAULT SETTING" under Original
* create 1st condition, specify ER format
* create 2nd condition, specify ER format
* navigate to: Accounts receivable>Inquiries and reports>Invoices>Invoice journal
* select invoice matching 2nd condition
* print ER format with View>Use print management --- expected: ER format specified on 2nd PM condition printed
* with the same invoice print ER format via View>Original preview --- issue: ER format specified on 1st PM condition printed
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Thank you for your feedback.

The idea has been implemented in 2022 Release Wave 2, included into Monthly Updates starting from version 10.0.27.


PM, Ilya Kondratenko