Issue: SysUserLog form keep showing users online even after they have logged-out of the system. The online time keeps increasing. It goes up to 200+ hours at times. Even after the affected user's session is deleted manually, the problem resurfaces again unalarmed. No pattern has been recognized in displaying incorrect data.

The Cleanup button present on the form also not works properly. The tests have been tried to delete only active session, delete logs associated to particular user id, but tests have failed.

Business Impact: Many customers are using the data present in this form. Some customers havehave dependent batch jobs on this form. Example: The data is used by batch jobs to delete inactive users from the system.

Request: The support tells that this is a deliverable which is expected to be worked sometime in future, but there is no ETA as of now. Hence, we are raising this idea to highlight the situation so that engineering team considers this and start working on this idea.