When implementing a customer project, you are not able to save or play task guides as a user from a different tenant. You are required to have a user account in the same tenant, where this is obviously often not the case i.e. as an implementation partner or external contractor.

Please allow users from another tenant to view and save task guides to Lifecycle Services based on the fact they are LCS user, i.e. project member.

Category: User Experience
Under Review
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This is something that is on our radar.  





This is a requirement, I do confirm.

Let's handle it through LCS roles permissions (which should be more detailed so).

Don't forget to send a clear message in D365FO when the user has not the permissions in place of "Getting framework with id '0' failed" which doesn't help to figure out what the problem is.



Category: User Experience


@Microsoft: We are setting up Test Drive for our D365 for Finance and Operations app on app Source and we really need this to work otherwise we will not be able to give our potential customers a guided tour !!!

Category: User Experience