Many forms, typically those for journals, have locked filters that get populated with user id's and user group id's specific for that user. That makes sharing workspace objects for those journals impossible, because the importing user cannot make changes to the existing filters.

Trying to import a workspace with such a form included on it, even if the user is a System Admin, results in the following error:

"The imported document contains one or more personalized lists or tiles that failed security validation and cannot be used in this workspace. The list(s) that failed validation has been removed from your workspace."

Those filters should be using methods that provide the appropriate results regardless of the user running them. An example of this is how other forms, like "My cases" work.

There is a forum post, https://community.dynamics.com/365/financeandoperations/f/dynamics-365-for-finance-and-operations-forum/275653/user-personalization-import , that includes details on how one user implemented such filters via customization to overcome this issue.

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It makes sharing customized views impossible too. We threated it as a bug and discussed with Microsoft support but were sent here. Below I present the reproduction steps (maybe someone will find it useful) we used during our analysis. The message is different but its reason is the same - locked filters on user id or user group id fields.

Reproduction steps:

1. Add any custom filter on an affected form e.g. general journals.

2. Save the customized view and export it via the personalization options.

3. Import the view for another users (e.g using System administration -> Setup -> Personalization).

4. Log as the user used in previous step, go to customized form and switch view to the imported one.

5. The custom filters won't be applied and following message will be shown by system: "We were unable to apply the filters associated with this view due to security restrictions on this page. However, personalizations for this view have been applied."

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 A flaw in the code that can prevents users from sharing workspaces.

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