Currently there's the possibility to upload a .rapidstart package with the automation API. This RapidStart package will contain pre-defined data. It is also possible to apply this package with the API, and poll for the status (e.g. is applying the RapidStart package finished).

What would be even more amazing is if it is possible to upload a .xlsx RapidStart template through the API. You'll upload this .xlsx-file to the RapidStart package you created earlier.

This way it becomes possible to create integrations where the customer places a RapidStart Excel template they filled in a certain folder, and then the API will automatically upload and apply the RapidStart package in the Business Central tenant. This way you'll hydrate a tenant with customer specific data instead of generic data from the pre-defined RapidStart package.




The title should be "Automation API - uploading and applying an Excel sheet to a RapidStart package by the Automation API". I forgot to mention explicitly it should also be possible to apply the Excel template you uploaded earlier.

Category: Tenant Administration