"One Voucher" is described with several scenarios that will be covered when "one voucher" is becoming obsolete - ex customer or vendor payments. But the accounting of how a Vendor Invoice where there are more than one project to be used, is not mentioned. This should/must be taken into consideration Companies using Project Management & Accounting must be able to split the invoiceamount into several projects. One can not expect the Vendor to split invoices pr. project that are supposed to "share" the invoiceamount. They have not necessarily the knowledge of how their customer will do the accounting. This is also a relevant scenario on Fixed Assets. Ex an invoice regarding 100 computers, where each and one of them are supposed to be separate assets. The ability to split vendor invoices must kept for several sub-ledgers

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Based on the announcement that One voucher will be depreciated and we are not going to any further investment if it is "One Voucher" related issue. 
One voucher - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

Instead of using invoice journal, please using vendor invoice to cover this scope.



When this is resolved, it needs to be fixed for Invoice approval journals in addition to regular Vendor invoice journals.

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