Two horizontal scroll bars appear when there are too many fields on any Associated View.
The data in the view is not aligned properly with the respective columns

The data is not aligned properly even if there are less number of columns and no scroll bars.
The number of columns after which we can see 2 scroll bards depends upon the screen size and resolution.
And also on the width of the columns

The issue can be replicated in any Entity's Associated view
The issue is applicable on all the browsers.

The issue not applicable on other views.

- Logged into CRM
- Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize the system
- Expand Contact entity
- Select Views and open Contact Associated view
- Click Add columns
- Select all fields to be visible in the view
- Click Save and Close
- Publish All Customizations.

- Navigated to Accounts entity
- Click on New to create a new record
- Fill all the mandatory fields
- Saved the record
- In the Contacts sub grid add a few Contacts
- Save the account record
- Open the Associated Contacts view from the Navigation bar.
- We notice there are two scroll bars
- And the data is not aligned with the columns name
- The first one scrolls the columns and data within the view
- If we scroll using the second scroll bar the entire view is scrolled as there are lots of columns in the view.