Suggestions for the benefit statement:

1. Add option to include history of previous benefits
2. See future dated changes
3. Have the cancellation date shown if applicable
4. Show upcoming age changes for personal contacts
5. Format costs (if a benefit cost is a whole number, there are no following decimals ex: statement shows 40 instead of 40.00)
6. Display the employee's contribution
7. Display effective dates
8. Omit the employer cost if it is $0.00
9. PDF and word document versions are not the same. PDF does not display benefit information. Only employee name, address, gender, DOB, and personal contacts.

Although modifications can be made to the ERs, the above changes should be available out of the box for clients who may not be familiar with the tool
Category: Benefits
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion. After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to proceed with this functionality at this time. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.