As incoming SSS is required for the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and automatic tracking of incoming email can be a random (for instance an email with "to: a@contoso.com; b@contoso.com; c@contoso.com" will randomly be tracked to any of these three addresses), it would be advantagous to be able to switch of automatic tracking for mailboxes that do not require this.

The most obivious example of this is when you have record creation rules creating cases from mails to support@contoso.com and emails are then sent by your customers to: "support@contoso.com; a.b@contoso.com; c.d@contoso.com" - only when the email is tracked to support@contoso.com first, will it be set as created by/owner and hence trigger the record creation rule. The other times, when the normal users are the created by/owners no record creation rules will be run.
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for the feedback. It is possible to configure users to not automatically track any emails. This can be enabled using some different settings documented here:

Default OrgDBOrgSettings for server-side synchronization - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs



You can use one or both of the options mentioned above. There is also another setting named HideTrackAllOption.