Creation of a new parameter/set up: “Allow to pay an invoice using the same exchange rate”
Currently, the user can set a fix a rate for an individual currency on the header of the payment journal. However, this is not helpful for the following situations (which are very common):
- If the user wants to pay multiple invoices which originally have different exchange rates, this option on the header of the payment journal will not help, because each invoice has a different exchange rate.
- Also if the user wants to pay (partial or total payment) an invoice using the accounting currency instead of the invoice transaction currency, the user will need to update the “Cross rate” field, even if it was not designed to support this situation.

Therefore, there should be an option/configuration, for example on the header of the payment journal, to let settle payments using the same exchange rate as the one applied to the invoice. This will have a great impact since it will minimize hours of work and avoid errors/mistakes.
Needs Votes