When performing batch balancing you have to select batch numbers as you are about to select and reserve batches depending on the attribute value of that batch. But the selection options are splitted by License plate (or at the lowest dimension).

So, if you have for example stock of a certain batch of 100, but this is stored at 10 license plates with each 10 on stock, you need to select the same batch 10 times, where you only would like to select the batch.

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Hi Miquel,

Can you log a support request for this issue? The core team will then make an assessment if this qualifies for a bug fix. Meanwhile, I will keep this idea under review until an assessment has been made of the bug you log. 

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Johan Hoffmann



How do I log a support request? I already logged it as support request Support request #2112080050000703 https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details?bugId=643907The answer there is that is won't be solved and I should log it here. This was logged before a go live, but now the customer is already live and it is a real problem. This, together with other bugs with batch balancing is causing us a lot of problems.

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