For Intercompany transactions, e.g. transferring a order from company A to company B, it is not possible to use "Transfer Type" = "File Location", as the Web Client does not know the local folders, but instead downloads the IC-file (XML) automatically. Thus, making it quite manual work.

Better and more up-to-date option would be the use of Web Service. As it could be used between companies, within same or different database , e.g. due to a country specific localisations.

Suggestion: to adapt Intercompany functionality to use Web Services.
Category: General
Needs Votes



I think this is a brilliant idea as it is currently cumbersome/ manual work to have transactions in different legal entities when they are in different countries and therefore in different tenants because of the country specifics. This could really help as long as it is not possible to have country specific functionality selected by company in the same tenant instead of the current way of working.

Category: General