Multi entities and attributes search

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Thanks for your feedback, Gary. We'd love to help but we might need some more details to understand your suggestion better.

The platform offers a number of search capabilities. It sounds like what you're looking for might be addressed but Categorized or Relevance Search (these are sometimes also called Multi-Entity Search).

Here's a Docs page that talks about Relevance Search:


Here are a few links in our community that have discussed the same topic but with a few more screenshots to provide more context:

Is this the capability you're seeking? If not, can you please help us by sharing a few more details?

  • What is the scenario you're trying to enable?
  • Who are the personas that would be using the functionality you're looking for?
  • Is it specific to a Field Service use-case?



Core Field Service PM, Jason Cohen




we need to identify the customers equipment during case management. Call agent would like to identify equipment based on caller, location and system type

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Great help for call agent to identify customer / system / contract in call taking.

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