When changing the customer group the customer financial dimension is not populated correctly.
When you create a customer, customer financial dimension is populated to financial dimension, but when you change the customer group is not working with the same logic.
We want customer dimension should not change when we change the customer group in customer master.
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This is my ticket. And it is not the idea. But design Gap.

System overrides the Dimensions from Customer group, if you change Customer group, even is the Dimensions are blank in the Customer group. Than it is blanking it out.

If this is critical for some customers, system should have parameter that would mandate it.
give an ability to say "No", don't override. Now there is inly "Yes" or "Cancel"
The most standard and logical way to do it is to use the way that Dimensions overrides work on the accounts.
There is a functionality that Product team can follow in the Chart of accounts - If Dimension is set add one more filed that would State - Fix or Not fix. If it is "Not fix" and empty - DON"T BLANK OUT. If "Fix" and Blank< than blank it out.

Category: Accounts Receivable