Current implementation for vendor electronic invoices (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/finance/localizations/emea-ita-vend-e-invoices) does not cover the scenario where an extra-EU vendor issues both invoices for goods and for services.

In fact, while for EU vendors, all invoices must be sent to SDI (Italian exchange system), for extra-EU vendors, only invoices for services must be sent to SDI, not invoices for goods.


EU vendors > all invoices

Extra EU vendors > only services invoices

The idea is for a flag with the same logic of the Boolean field labelled eInvoice register in vendor master data on VAT codes, released products, and (optionally) on vendor invoice header.

This will be activated with three flag on Product information management parameters (released products), general ledger parameters (VAT codes), AP parameters (vendor invoice header).

If activated, it will override the same flag on vendor master data.

Alternatively, a new GER version of Vendor Invoice (IT) using certain criteria to exclude extra-EU invoices for goods will be good enough.